Water Conditioning

Are you experiencing hard water spots or calcium deposits?

A water softener can protect your investment in your home/business by:

  • Reducing soap scum on bathroom fixtures
  • Eliminating spots on glassware, dishes, and flatware
  • Conditioning water that leaves sinks and toilet bowls cleaner longer
  • Heating water more efficiently
  • Prolonging the life of appliances

Adding a water softener also leaves skin and hair softer and smoother and clothes brighter, all while using less soap and detergent!

Window Hard Water Stains Removal Minnesota
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We offer

  • American-made, on-demand Aqua Magic water softeners start at $1,190.
  • Investment includes installation, a 5-year warranty, up to 300 lbs of salt, and removal of the previous system if applicable.
  • Rental option is also available.
  • Iron filter products are available for harsh well water containing high levels of iron.
  • Service most makes and models of water conditioning equipment.
  • Free water analysis

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The Water Works team can customize a water system to suit your water’s conditions.

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