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Water Works provides high-quality, American-made water conditioning, reverse osmosis, and filtration systems for the Brookings and surrounding area. Our water systems offer better-tasting, contaminant-free water with convenience and ease. We can offer regular maintenance and deliver salt directly to your home for improved, clean, soft water.  We also can customize it to fit your specific water needs.

Water Softner


Are you experiencing hard water spots or calcium deposits?

A water softener can protect your investment in your home/business by:

  • Reducing soap scum on bathroom fixtures
  • Eliminating spots on glassware, dishes, and flatware
  • Conditioning water that leaves sinks and toilet bowls cleaner longer
  • Heating water more efficiently
  • Prolonging the life of appliances

Adding a water softener also leaves skin and hair softer and smoother and clothes brighter, all while using less soap and detergent!

We offer:

  • American-made, on-demand Aqua Magic water softeners start at $1,190.  
  • Investment includes installation, a 5-year warranty, up to 300 lbs of salt, and removal of the previous system if applicable.  
  • Rental option is also available.  
  • Iron filter products are available for harsh well water containing high levels of iron. 
  • Service most makes and models of water conditioning equipment.
  • Free water analysis
  • Want to learn more? Connect with us.
Reverso Osmosis

Water Filtration

Are you experiencing an unfavorable taste in your water?

A reverse osmosis drinking water system delivers contaminant-free, better-tasting water directly to your home/business.

Reverse osmosis improves your drinking water by:

  • Removing contaminants like lead, arsenic, and iron that other filters may miss
  • Delivering better-tasting water
  • Providing better flavor for making coffee and/or tea

Adding a reverse osmosis drinking water system offers clean purified drinking water with convenience and ease without the bottled-water expense and waste!

We offer:

  • American-made, Pro-series 4 and 5-stage reverse osmosis systems start at $725.  
  • Investment includes installation, lifetime warranty, and first annual-filter change.  
  • Whole-house chlorine reduction systems start at $395.
  • Rental option is also available.  
  • Service and offer filter changes for most makes and models of filtration systems.
  • Bottle-free water cooler offers cool, clean drinking water without all of the hassle and waste of water bottles.
  • Free water analysis
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Salt Delivery Close

Water and Salt Delivery

Are you tired of lugging those heavy bags of salt or bottles of water from the big-box stores?

We offer:

  • 5-gallon bottles of purified water conveniently delivered to your home or business.
  • 50# bags of water softener crystals or 40# bags of water softener pellets
  • Deliveries are offered on-demand or at a stop on a consistent route.
  • Rental option is available for water coolers.  
  • Free water analysis.
  • Want to learn more? Connect with us.

Additional Offerings Include:

  • Customized packages for any of the water services
  • Commercial applications


The Water Works team can customize a water system to suit your water’s conditions.

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